Whole Body Sound Vibration: 

  • Just 10 min on the VibraSonic = 1 hour of moderate cardio!
  • Tighten, tone and build muscle up to 50% faster with resistance training on the VibraSonic!
  • Experience sound frequency formulas for Stress Relief, Mood Elevation, Weight loss and so much more are right at your fingertips!

The blood circulation and lymph drainage are increased. Faster recovery from workouts and injury. Special sound frequency panels are customized to meet your specific need(s) whether it is aching joints, lower back pain, losing weight or generally elevating your mood while reducing stress. Use it both before and after exercising to jump start the workout and recover more quickly. 

Used in conjunction with our LipoMelt Red Light Therapy and loose those extra unwanted inches.


$15 a month*
*Service added to your monthly membership agreement. Minimum of 3 months. 

It is a very important distinction to know that simply mechanically vibrating the cells is not the same as increasing cellular vitality and voltage.

With VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration, the cells vibrate in response to the electromagnetic and sonic/sound wave stimulation, which increases the electrical potential or voltage of the cell. This is not to be confused with the mechanical technology that simply shakes the body and its cells.

From the standpoint of Physics, sound travels through the space within our atoms, infinitely better than the mechanical vibration that results from standing on a plate with some type of hammering motor under it. The effectiveness on overall health and fitness with Sonic technology is profound when compared with its mechanical ancestors and competitors

Mt Hood Athletic Club Member Testimonial 

I suffer from Idiopathic Neuropathy. In a nutshell, the nerve endings in my feet are unraveling, and I suffer from a numbing sensation and loss of feeling in my extremities. This has gotten progressively worse over the last ten years. After learning more about the VibraSonic machine, I decided to give it a try.

My first session was only ten minutes long, but when I got finished with that first session, not only did my feet feel great, I actually had some feeling in the soles of my feet. They felt alive again rather than dead weight. That feeling lasted for several hours. So, I then stated to use the machine regularly (3-4 days a week). I have since worked up to 30-minute sessions, 4 days a week.

From that first session, I select the numbness button on the selection’s options most times, but I have also varied using both knee pain and stretching/flexibility options. In addition to my feet feeling much better, I have noticed significant improvement in my knee pain, as well as improvement in my overall flexibility, particularly in relation to my golf swing. I highly recommend this machine for helping you feel better, for a multitude of ailments. 

One note, I have used the machine on its own, as well as working out prior to a session and I have found that my personal results are better when I work out 30-45 minutes prior to a VibraSonic session. I would like to thank Mt Hood Athletic Club for brining in this machine and making it available to the members.

Steve S.