The Club

Paul and Lila Reed took over a 17,000 sf failing facility in Gresham, turning it around and purchasing it in 1987. Mt Hood Athletic Club was born and grew and prospered there for 17 years. In 2002, MHAC got the opportunity to take over the failing Sandy “Shape it up Shack”, a 8,000 sf fitness only facility in Sandy, Oregon. The previous owner contacted Paul and knew Paul would make it fly under his leadership. Thus was MHAC/Sandy born. It became clear very quickly that Sandy folks wanted more than just fitness, so the idea for the “Big” club was born.

Planning started in 2004 (after the Gresham Facility sold to LA Fitness). The Reeds started construction on the new MHAC in Sept. of 2005 and it was completed in Dec. 2006. We opened with 50,000 SF of pools, racquetball, fitness, spinning, basketball gym, café and extra services. 

MHAC has installed a computerized monitoring system from Kite Industries that provides improved air quality while reducing energy consumption. This $60k system controls exterior upgraded LED lighting thru timers and photocells. The lights also have motion sensors that increases lighting output as they are approached. Most of the interior lights have been upgraded to highly efficient LEDs and areas are zoned which can easily be turned off by switches at the front desk, local switch or controlled by motion sensors.

MHAC utilizes 15 energy efficient HVAC units that are also controlled by the Kite system. Typically, each room in the building has its own air handling system. A roof top weather system monitors outside temperature and humidity. Each HVAC/room area are on the computerized system that activates when the area is in use, high use areas have a CO2 sensor so that when usage increases the HVAC system will bring fresh outside air to improve air quality. In addition, humidity sensors will tell the system when to supply dry air-conditioned air when necessary.

In June 2019, MHAC in conjunction with the Energy Trust of Oregon and their engineers designed a more energy efficient mechanical system for our indoor pool area at the same time improving water and air quality for a much more enjoyable environment.

This new system includes:

Energy efficient pumps filter more water in less time, while an UV system on the pool sterilizes the water killing 99.9% of all germs and viruses as well as eliminating chloramines which is the cause of chlorine smells and irritants.

A new efficient exhaust/extractor system will pull humid air off the pool surface improving air circulation and reducing humidity. A new actuator and timer will allow the dehumidifier to bring in 100% fresh air when the pool area is occupied to create a drier more comfortable environment.