In my last segment, I wrote on The Law of Accommodation. I must admit that it was a little heavy on the academic side of things. So, first, I hope that you read it. Second, and most importantly, I hope that you read enough that you understand the principle that I was trying to explain. Simply put, I am telling you that if you continue to do the same program day after day, week after week, you’re not going to make progress. Your body adapts to the stress or stimuli that you place upon it after 4 to 6 weeks. Then, you must do something different if you want to continue to make progress. Well, human bodies, yours and mine, do not like change. Therefore, if you do the same exercise with the same weight in the same manner for the same 3 x 10, you will not make progress. In fact, you may backslide in your quest where the amount of energy invested is in a greater amount than the amount of benefits.

You, as an individual interested in your own health and fitness, must make changes in your program. Change may be made in the weight used, the number of repetitions, the number of sets, the exercise itself, the frequency you do the exercise, or in the equipment you use. If you really want to make progress in your health and fitness but you are stuck in a rut or have reached a plateau, please see a personal trainer here at Mt. Hood Athletic Club. We can help you make your gym experience come alive again!

An excerpt from the, “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” by Samuel Taylor Colridge kind of tells my story and that of a lot of you reading this article. Perhaps I should have given this article the title of, “To drink or Not to drink.” Well frankly,I’m penning this article because I don’t like water. It’s all around me but I don’t like the tasteless stuff. Oh, I know that it is important to drink liquids, before, during and after exercise. I have emphasized it for years, to my athletes, clients, family members and, yes, to myself. Being hydrated is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain and muscles. Fluids carry nutrients to your cells, flushes bacteria from your bladder and prevents constipation.

So how do you hydrate if you don’t like that plain old water. There are ways to be sure. Let me give you a few and quite possibly they will help you in your quest to stay hydrated. First and easiest is to flavor your water by adding a Little lemon or lime juice to get flavor. 

Next, you can start your day with oatmeal. Oats expand and absorb the liquid they are cooked in. You can add chi seeds in overnight oatmeal as they soak up 10 times their weight in liquid. Drink more milk. Milk actually hydrates better than water due to its protein, carbohydrate, calcium and electrolyte content. You can sip smoothies.

In particular those that contain peaches, cucumbers, spinach, and blueberries. Eat more salads. Greens contain up to 94 percent water. Then add celery, tomatoes, bell peppers and carrots for good hydration. Lastly, eat broth based soups with lots of veg

Hydration 101

Why is it so important to make sure we get enough fluids in our body when it comes to working out? Well our body is made up 

of about 60% water. When we workout we are using some of this fluid to be able to produce sweat. You should be drinking 

approximately 16 cups for men and 12 cups for women per day of water. This means that if you plan on working out then you 

want to drink approximately 14-22 oz two hours before your workout to make up for the fluid lost during the workout. Also 

make sure that you are drinking fluids during your workout so that you stay hydrated throughout the exercises. You will also 

achieve a percentage of your water intake through food. Some good choices of food to get water from are Watermelon, 

Spinach, Grapefruit and Broccoli. Don’t forget that you will need something to hold your water in and look no further than our 

new “I’m so hood” water bottles now for sale at the Gear Shop. Stay focused, stay hydrated and stay sweating ….

Justin Smith, MHAC Personal Trainer

With summer around the corner, A lot of us are thinking about getting ourselves into better
shape. But what if we lack the one thing?


Here are some tips to get that mojo going!

Find a friend or friends to join you on this fitness adventure. It’s always way more fun with
company. If you can’t find a partner in crime, seek out a personal trainer, many benefits to have one especially with accountability!

Make a commitment contract. Include your plan of action such as, how many days, how long your workout sessions will be, etc. Even putting an expiration date on the contract. Also, listing a penalty, if you fail to follow through.
EXAMPLE: Monetary payout to a friend or something of your choice. Make sure, it catches
your attention when payback is due!

Yes, weight loss and/or muscle gain will be a reward in itself. However, most of us need rewards even more so in the beginning. NOT FOOD OR ALCOHOL!

EXAMPLE: Pedi/Manicures, New workout clothes or gear, more TV time. Whatever you will
feel rewarded with.

Imagine how great it will feel after your workout. How it will feel your one more workout closer
to your goal.NO ONE ever regrets a workout but regrets not having one.

Basic principles are the same for both genders in strength training. Even though many similarities of Male/female strength training there are subtle differences.

First, females do mature at an earlier age than males even muscularly. Giving the female an advantage at achieving her gains earlier in life than a male.

Also, Females have less muscle mass than males, leaving females more susceptible to deconditioning. So, ladies having a female strength training program implemented in her fitness journey, especially if, in a competitive season is necessary. As ladies, you will notice a drop off in strength if she allows her strength training program to lapse. Cardio alone cannot maintain the muscular system the enough needed to up keep strength.

Overall, strength training offers both genders the same benefits. So, regard- less of what the fitness goal is in your journey. Whether it’s to run a half marathon, compete in a body building competition, weight loss or to gain strength. A proper strength training program will get you there.

An added bonus that strength training provides us ladies is the risk of Osteoporosis/Osteopenia which steals the density of your bone.1 out of 2 women over the age of 50 years old will experience an Osteo related fracture in her life.

Last but not least, a common comment made by women is, “Will I look like a man if I lift weights?” ANSWER: NO! Let me explain why. The difference in muscle mass between Male/female is hormones, Testosterone also known as “T”.

With Men producing 10 times more testosterone than us ladies. That’s the why men can achieve such a build when lifting. Now IF a woman is taking an anabolic steroid or any other MALE HORMONES. That is when you will see the characteristics of masculinity to her appearance.

So, rest assure ladies, You will NOT look like a man if you add a strength training program to your journey.