MHAC Club Rules and Regulations

The club shall have the unqualified right to make changes to these and all rules, regulations, hours and restrictions in the use of the Club. All signs posted in and around Club shall be considered part of the rules and regulations.

Charges and fees for services and facilities are subject to change.

All members are required to check in at the reception desk with Club ID card and have a picture on file or show Photo Id at each visit.

The Club reserves the right to close for a short period of time including, but not limited to, two (2) weeks each calendar year for maintenance, holidays and special occasions. There will be no reduction in Club fees or membership extensions for such closures.

There will be no smoking, marijuana, alcohol, chewing tobacco, illegal substances, weapons or firearms in the Club or on club property.

No bullying, foul, slanderous or demeaning language allowed toward any other member, employee or Club. Any disruption of club experience including, threatening or verbally abusive actions, any sort of abuse of club property, theft or vandalism will not be tolerated. Club reserves the right to deny services to any member or guest if warranted.

Attire: Clothes designed for exercising should be worn. Clothes must cover the chest and completely cover the bottom area. MHAC is a family club and any clothing deemed inappropriate by owners/management will not be allowed. No sandals or open toed footwear allowed on the Cardio or Weight Floors. Maintenance of clean clothing and personal hygiene is required for the benefit and safety of all members.

Digital Devices/Electronics: No photos or videos may be taken in the locker rooms. Any videos or pictures taken in other areas of the club should be done with respectfulness of your fellow members in mind. Cell phone usage should not be disruptive to members or staff.

Exercise Rooms: Members are responsible for wiping down equipment and returning their weights to the rack after use. Children ages 12 and under cannot use the cardio or weight room, unless it is during a paid session with our Personal Trainers.

Food/Beverages: No outside food allowed. The exception would be MHAC Event Rentals. Only water is allowed in the gymnasium. Food purchased at our Club Café’ should be consumed in the Club “living room” area.

Basketball Courts: Please refer to the Gymnasium for scheduled activities and availability. Water allowed, but no other food or beverages.

Lockers: Day lockers are available. Members must remove contents of day lockers each day or forfeit them. No cell phone usage in locker rooms.

Lost and Found: The club has a bin in the gymnasium where lost and found items are placed. It is emptied and sent to charity monthly. Club is not responsible for recovery of lost, found or forfeited items.

Outside Coaching or Personal Training: Members and non members are not allowed to bring in or use coaches or Personal Trainers unless they are employees of Mt Hood Athletic Club. These are services that the club offers and using our facility, equipment and resources is prohibited.

For specific Rules & Regulations to each area of the facility, please refer to that area’s page in this guide or signs posted in that area.

Policies are subject to change at the Management’s discretion.

Inclement Weather Policy

Revised March 17, 2023

The only time the club will close is when the safety of our employees and staff are at risk. During inclement weather, Kidz Klub services will be operating, and classes will be conducted. If an instructor cannot make it to the club, your class will be offered virtually or pre-recorded. Club closures will be posted on the website, app, highway sign and our social media.


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