Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool Adult Swim (age 18+ only)
Monday- Sunday: 9:00am – 12 noon

Outdoor Pool Family Swim* (all ages)- Starts at 12:00pm sharp.
*Children must be on your membership or will be subject to a guest fee.
Monday- Friday 12:00pm- 8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm

Slide Hours -Operation begins Memorial day and will end Labor Day (September 2nd). Please note that the slide hours will begin at 3:00pm on school days.
Monday – Friday: 12noon – 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12noon – 5:00pm

Visitor Fees:
Guest fee (all ages) $15.00*
Public Walk in Guest fee $20.00
* Must be a guest of a current member.

All guests must pay a guest fee regardless if they are using an outdoor pool, indoor pool or pool deck. Children must be on their parent’s membership to use the pool for free. Children not on their parent’s membership are subject to a guest fee regardless of their age. No children on the pool deck until noon. Children 13 and under must have direct Adult (18+) supervision to use both the indoor and outdoor pools. Please be aware that Family Swim Time for the Outdoor Pool and Indoor Pool have different schedules.

Outdoor Pool Inclement Weather Policy: In the case of unfavorable weather, we will not open our Outdoor Pool. Slide Attendants may also be sent home or canceled if the weather is questionable.
All schedules are subject to change. No large inflatables allowed (noodles, kick-boards, water wings, life jackets and baby float rings are OK.

Swimwear– Swim attire should be modest and designed for pool usage. No string bikinis or thongs. Swim tops should be modest in keeping with our Family friendly club. Cover ups or clothing is required to enter the lobby/café area. No bared chest or midriffs allowed. If you are entering an area of the club outside the pool areas, please dry off thoroughly for the safety of others.

Food/Beverage- Glass is not allowed anywhere on the pool deck. Alcohol purchased at the club cafe must be consumed in the areas designated for this. Outside food is not allowed. Please keep food and garbage picked up so as not to attract bees.

Outdoor Pool Rules & Regulations
“CHILDREN UNDER 14 – BRING AN ADULT. Non-swimmers and children under 14 years of age need responsible adult supervision (18+).” Management has the right to verify the age of the person supervising children under 14. It is not recommended to swim alone. No lifeguard on duty.

Children may use the Outdoor Spa during the summer months. Children must have an adult (18+) in the Outdoor Spa with them if they are ages 7 and under.
Adult only hours: Monday- Sunday 9:00am-12 noon
All ages: Monday – Sunday 12:00 noon to 30 minutes prior to club closing.

Spa Off Season
The Outdoor Spa will stay open through winter as long as conditions are safe.
Off Season Outdoor Spa Hours: 5:00am-15 minutes to close. Children may use the Spa with direct adult supervision during Indoor Pool Family Swim time hours.

Outdoor Spa -Children are allowed in the Outdoor Spa Tub, but must have direct adult supervision (18+) IN THE WATER with them.

Equipment– Kick boards, noodles and infant floatation devices are allowed. No other inflatables allowed. No throwing toys.

Health– Any person showing evidence of skin disease, open cuts, boils, bandaged wounds, inflamed eyes, discharge from ear or nasal passages or any communicable disease may not use the pool or spa.

Music- Outside personal music may be used in conjunction with headphones.

Play Behavior– No running, diving or disruptive behavior allowed in the pool areas. No playing in lap lanes or hanging/sitting on lap lanes allowed.

Safety Devices– Children who are non-swimmers must wear a life jacket or some other wearable flotation safety device. Party Rental Groups are responsible for providing their own life jackets/safety flotation devices.

Safety– Parents are responsible for supervising their children. Members, guests and Party Rental Groups swim at their own risk.

Slide– The big slide has a height requirement (48 inches) and will only be open when a slide attendant is on duty. Those who do not meet the height requirement may use the small slide.

Diapers -Children that are not potty trained must wear approved swim fabric pants. NO disposable diapers allowed.

Sunscreen– Please apply sunscreen before arrival to allow the sunscreen to absorb and rinse off before entering the pool. If you need to reapply sunscreen, wait at least 15 minutes before rinsing off and reentering the pool. If the pool gets too cloudy due to excessive sunscreen, it may have to be temporarily closed for safety reasons.


Holiday Hours

Closed Easter Sunday

Memorial Day Hours: 5:00am-4:00pm

Closed 4th of July

Labor Day Hours: 5:00am-4:00pm


Inclement Weather Policy

Revised March 17, 2023

The only time the club will close is when the safety of our employees and staff are at risk. During inclement weather, Kidz Klub services will be operating, and classes will be conducted. If an instructor cannot make it to the club, your class will be offered virtually or pre-recorded. Club closures will be posted on the website, app, highway sign and our social media. Please do not call the front desk to ask if a class will be in person or via video. They may not have that information and the high level of calls can make it challenging for them to attend to their other duties. Thank you in advance.