Temporary Membership (ages 7+)

Regular Rate

One Month: $84.00
Two Months: $158.00
Three Months: $232.00

Temporary Membership (ages 0-6)

Regular Rate -One Year: $129

Public Walk Ins-

One day- $20 day Fee (all ages).

One Week- $45 Fee (all ages)

Public Walk-Ins 17 and under must have adult (18+) supervision at all times.

Members Visiting Family Rates

One Day Guest Fee (all ages) $15 (Guest Polices)
One Week: $29.00
Two Weeks: $39.00
One Month: $79.00

Policies and Restrictions:
This option is ONLY for family of EXISTING members and reflects a per person cost. Guest are expected to adhere to the same rules and policies as members. Guest 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Existing member MUST be present upon signing a temporary member up.

  • Temporary memberships are available — no enrollment fee is necessary.
  • ALL temporary memberships must be paid in full at the time of signing agreement.
  • Temporary memberships are not eligible for free training orientations.
  • If temporary wishes to get the family weekly/month rate, the existing member MUST (no exceptions) be present at the time of purchasing the membership.
  • Temporary members are not eligible for unlimited tanning, locker rentals or equipment orientations.