Swim Lessons
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Small Group Swim Lessons will be limited to 4 children per group. Members Only.

Swim Lessons sessions consist of 8 - 30 minutes classes. Please review the Level Descriptions below prior to registering at the Front Desk. You will receive a registration information packet. Lessons are first come/first serve. Please note that registration will not be taken over the phone or via email. Swim lessons are non-refundable.

Look for new sessions to return in January 2021!

October Session- Level One Only
Lesson sessions will take place from 4:00pm-6:15pm

Dates: Wednesday,October 6th- Monday, November1st on Mondays & Wednesdays

Cost/Registration Opening:
Child is on their parent's membership $ 59   Registration opens Thursday, September 30th at 9:00am
Child is not on their parent's membership (includes children w/one year temporary memberships) $69  Registration opens Friday, October 1st at 9:00am
Non-members $99 Registration opens Friday, October 1st at 9:00am
Questions, please contact [email protected]

Lesson Descriptions Video

Swim Level Descriptions

Please note: Child must be able to sit on the pool deck unassisted.
  • Putting their face in the water
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Head bobs
  • Floating on back with assistance
  • Kicking feet with straight legs
  • Learning to be comfortable in the water
  • Floating on front and back
  • Fully submerge face
  • Streamline kicking
  • Front crawl stoke
  • Backstroke
  • Jumping in and doing a back float
  • Must be able to:
  • Enter and exit water independently
  • Blow bubbles
  • Float on back with assistance
  • Front Crawl stroke with rotary breathing
  • Jump in to water from side of pool
  • Kneeling dives
  • Fully submerge face
  • Backstroke
  • Jumping in, back floating and then swimming to the wall
  • Must be able to:
  • Swim five feet without assistance
  • Hum bubbles
  • Back float without assistance