Hydro Massage Lounge

Hydro Massage
Hydro Massage Lounge Benefits:
Helping athletes monitor muscle tone
Promoting relaxation
Improving soft tissue function
Improving exercise performance
Reducing swelling
May help prevent injuries when massage is received regularly
And more!

Brio Sport Massage Chair

Brio Sport Massage Chair
Brio SPort Massage Chair Benefits:
Comprehensive Recovery Solution
Adjustable Deep Tissue                
Fitness-focused Choreography
Compression Therapy                   
General & Precision Heat Therapy

Monthly Massage Service: $10 per month*

Massages are 10 minutes/limited to one appoinment per day.

Addiontal time may be added (up to addittional 10 minutes) $2.00 per visit. Just let our Front Desk team member know.
*Limited to one appointment a day. Service must remain on Members agreement for a a minimum three months. Fee add to monlthy dues. To cancel this service, see a Member Service Representitive by the 25th of month prior to month you wish the service to end.

10 Minute Massage-Single visit: $10

Please do not lounge on the chairs, beds or Recovery Zone area. This area is by appointment only. Please see the Front Desk to schedule.