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Whole Body Sound Vibration: 
  • Just 10 min on the VibraSonic = 1 hour of moderate cardio!
  • Tighten, tone and build muscle up to 50% faster with resistance training on the VibraSonic!
  • Experience sound frequency formulas for Stress Relief, Mood Elevation, Weight loss and so much more are right at your fingertips!

The blood circulation and lymph drainage are increased. Faster recovery from workouts and injury. Special sound frequency panels are customized to meet your specific need(s) whether it is aching joints, lower back pain, losing weight or generally elevating your mood while reducing stress. Use it both before and after exercising to jump start the workout and recover more quickly. 

Use in conjunction with our LipoMelt Red Light Therapy and lose those extra unwanted inches.


$15 a month*

*Service added to your monthly membership agreement. Minimum of 3 months.