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Spectral Massage Therapy

 Amanda Van Pelt -  971-678-3178

Booking and Specials @ Spectral Massage Therapy on Facebook or Schedule Here

$10 off First Massage

Swedish/Relaxation Massage:  Full body massage designed to help you unwind and release stress.  $60/60 min $90/90 min

Deep Tissue:  Massage is intended to provide relief from pain, tension or injury.  The focus is on releasing muscle restrictions, resulting in better range of motion and improved flexibility.  $60/60 min $90/90 min

Cranial Sacral Therapy:  An alternative therapy designed to bring harmony to the central nervous system by aligning the cranial sacral system.  This provides relief from pain and tension through light manipulations of the skull, spine, and sacrum as well as facial releases throughout the entire body.  $70/60 min $105/90 min

Prenatal and Post-Partum:  Offers relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy, birth and post-partum through a combination of relaxation and cranial sacral techniques.  $60/60 min $90/90 min

Hours: Mon 11am-3pm Tue 3pm-6pm Wed 2pm-6pm Thur 3pm-7pm Sat 12pm-6pm