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Fit3d is a 3D avatar that takes hundreds of measurements (process take s 20 seconds) to provide a visual aid regarding your body composition. Prove your program by measuring progress and showing before and after. Fit3D provides an instant analysis of a individuals heal & fitness and monitors their individual progress over time.




Whole body measurements:

√ Fat Mass
√ Muscle Mass
√ Bone mass
√ Visceral Fat
√ Body mass index
√Physique rating
√ Body fat %
√ Fate free mass
√ Total Body Water
 √ Segmental readings for each leg arm and trunk

Tanita Body Comp Analyzer

MC-78ou Plus P Tanita Scale


Fit 3D Member: Initial set up and scan $39 /Non-Member $59.00

Follow up appointments: Member $25/ Non- Member $49

Tanita Body Comp Analysis: Member $20/ Non Member $39

Fit3D & Tanita Body Comp Analysis Combo: Member  $49/ No-Member $74

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