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MHAC Fitnes Tips

strength training and women


Basic principles are the same for both genders in strength training. Even though many similarities of Male/female strength training there are subtle differences.

First, females do mature at an earlier age than males even muscularly. Giving the female an advantage at achieving her gains earlier in life than a male.

   Also, Females have less muscle mass than males, leaving females more susceptible to deconditioning. So, ladies having a female strength training program implemented in her fitness journey, especially if, in a competitive season is necessary. As ladies, you will notice a drop off in strength if she allows her strength training program to lapse. Cardio alone cannot maintain the muscular system the enough needed to up keep strength.

    Overall, strength training offers both genders the same benefits. So, regard- less of what the fitness goal is in your journey. Whether it’s to run a half marathon, compete in a body building competition, weight loss or to gain strength. A proper strength training program will get you there.

      An added bonus that strength training provides us ladies is the risk of Osteoporosis/Osteopenia which steals the density of your bone.1 out of 2 women over the age of 50 years old will experience an Osteo related fracture in her life.

     Last but not least, a common comment made by women is, "Will I look like a man if I lift weights?" ANSWER: NO! Let me explain why. The difference in muscle mass between Male/female is hormones, Testosterone also known as "T".

With Men producing 10 times more testosterone than us ladies. That's the why men can achieve such a build when lifting. Now IF a woman is taking an anabolic steroid or any other MALE HORMONES. That is when you will see the characteristics of masculinity to her appearance.

So, rest assure ladies, You will NOT look like a man if you add a strength training program to your journey.


LADIES!  Let's train like Tarzan and Look like Jane!

Let Elaine help you on your fitness journey!