Base camp is a results based small group training program featuring:

  • ·Advanced Personal Training specialized (Equipment with Multifunctional Training System)
  • ·Specialty Programs
  • ·Personalized Heart Rate Monitoring
  • ·Fit3D Body Scan

Cost ( via EFT:


Effective March 1st, 2020

  • Jump Start (beginner package- one per member) 3 Pack of 3 50 minute sessions- $129
  • 4 Pack of 50 minute sessions - $220
  • 8 Pack of 50 minute sessions - $425
  • 12 Pack of 50 minute sessions - $625

* Sessions expire 3 months from date of purchase. Sessions are non-fundable. Purchase at the Front Desk or see your Personal Trainer.

Base Camp with Personal Training Option*

  •  12-30 minute Personal Training Session per month +Unlimited Basecamp–   $349/monthly
  •  8-30 minute Personal Training Session per month +Unlimited Basecamp–   $249.00/monthly
  • 4-30 minute Personal Training Session per month +Unlimited Basecamp–     $149.00/monthly
  •  Basecamp Unlimited Only -   $79/monthly*

 *Payable through eft monthly.  Non-refundable. Cancellations must be submitted by the 25th of the month. Visit the Membership Department to get started.

Included in Basecamp:

SILKS is a total-body workout that allows participants to use a hammock to perform a sequence or flow of postures/ exercises. It combines traditional yoga with moves inspired by Pilates, calisthenics and acrobatics.

SUP Yoga is the art of performing yoga on a stand-up paddle (SUP) board. The board is anchored to the pool while participants move through a sequence of yoga postures lead by their instructor.

BASECAMP is Small Group Training (SGT) or Team Training that delivers the opportunity to connect with other members through exciting and dynamic exercise. Through incredible role modeling, delivery, and team care, we create a workout environment where all our members succeed in a shared goal of health. 

Basecamp preview 2