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Unlimited Group Training


For a monthly fee of $99 you can attend any of our group training classes lead by a Personal Trainer an unlimited amount of times every month! (

Please note: The schedule is based on a calendar month . To get the most of your unlimited small group training, be sure so sign up early in the month.

Team  training delivers the opportunity to connect with other members through exciting and dynamic exercise. Through incredible role modeling, delivery and team care, we create a workout environment where all of our members succeed in a shared goal of health.

Shred & Tred-

The workouts are meant to help you become a stronger and faster runner by focusing on speed, incline, endurance, and proper recovery. It combines high-intensity treadmill intervals with total body strengthening moves.Mondays and Wednesdays evenings from 6:00pm-6:30pm (4 spots available– first come first serve).


TRX has a level of adaptability with virtually no limits. If you’re someone who has never worked out, you’ll find a challenging but proper beginning point. If you’re a “fitness guru”, TRX allows increased intensity progressions by simply changing your angle or moving your feet or hand placement. Tuesday and Thursdays morning from 6:30am –7:00am  (9 spots available– first come, first serve). Group X Room

Bend Build Boost-

Fusion of Range of Motion, Metabolic Conditioning, and Strength Training to achieve results now! Monday and Wednesday 8:00am-9:00am Group X Room

For questions or to connect with a trainer, contact our Fitness Director  Alesia Soll 

Class fee is for a calendar month/no pro-rate option. No refunds. Minimum of 6 participants monthly to run Unlimited Group Training.