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Wear loose and comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. NO opend toed foot wear allowed on the cardio and wieght floors. Clothing should me modest and cover entire chest, midrif and bottom. No inapproptiate slogans or images should be present on clothing. Management determines what is considered modest. 

If you are entering the lobby from the pool area, please dry off completely and wear a towel or cover up over your swim attire,

We are most busy Mon - Wed from 9am - 12noon and Mon -Thu evenings from 4 - 7pm

The club is closed on Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Limited holiday hours on the following holidays:

New Years Eve
New Years Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Christmas Eve

Limited holiday hours are 5:00am - 4:00pm. Classes are subject to change

On the day of the Sandy Mountain Days Parade (2nd Thursday of July) there are no evening classes of Kidz Klub services. The club will be open for regular operating hours.


Yes! We know exercising is more fun with a friend! Adult guests (age 13/older) are $15. Child guests (age 0-12) are $7. Please remember that a child guests is allowed in during family swim and family court times only. Members are limited to five guest per day. Members are responsible for the actiond of their guest.

Yes, however there may be a wait as lockers are in high demand. Please stop by the front desk and ask them to inform the the Membership Department that you would like to be added to the wait list. When a locker becomes available, you will be contacted.

Yes, both UV traditional tanning and non-UV spray tanning services. Please see Services or stop by the front desk for pricing.

14 laps around the gymnasium equal one mile.

Yes. Please contact the Accunts Manager or a Membership Representative to get details on this policy.

Yes. For up to 3 months out of a calendar year, you can freeze your membership. You will still be charged a  $15 monthly service fee. Changes to your membership, including freezes, must be made by the 15th of the month to be effective for the following month. Request must submitted via email [email protected] or with the a Membership Representitive during Membership hours. 

Please come into the club and see the membership staff or bookkeeper to effect your membership cancellation. We prefer you to come in because, we can verify your identity. If you are physically unable to do so, you must contact the Account Manager by phone for a special exception. Cancellation must be made by the 15th of the previous month. (Example- If you want to cancel your membership begining June, you must fill out the paper work by May 15th..)

20 yards. 1 mile =41 lap

No. The indoor pool is unguarded.

Outdoor pool: When the slide is operating (see slide schedule on Outdoor Pool schedule page), there are 1-2 pool attendants. They are CPR certified to act in an emergency, but their primary function is to keep order at the pool. You must supervise your own children. Children 13 and under must have direct Adult (18+) supervision. This is mandated by the State of Oregon.

Noodles, kickboards and infant flotation rings are allowed. No inflatable toys.

Children and adults age 7 and older may use the Indoor Pool's  Hot Tub, Sauna ad Steam Room with direct Adult (18+) supervision durung family time.  Children under the age of 7 may use the Outdoor Pool Spa with direct Adult (18+) Supervision. Please watch your children carefully. They could slip to the bottom.

No, we ask that you refrain from this kind of horseplay for your safety as well as the safety of others. The deepest part of the indoor pool is 7 feet.

We open memorial day weekend (weather permitting) through the end of October. Slide will close as we release our seasonal help. The slide is open during Oregon Trail School Disricts summer schedule. Slide hours are subject to change. Please see watch our Facebook for updates. No clide operation if it is below 70•.  If it is raining/thundering, the outdoor pool will close for safety reasons.

Each day til noon- it is adult-only time.



Memorial Day - October  (Closing date: weather dependent.)
Outdoor Pool Inclement Weather Policy In the case of unfavorable weather, we will not open our Outdoor Pool. Slide Attendants may also be sent home or cancelled if the weather is questionable. All schedules subject to change. Oregon State Law requires children ages 13 and under to have direct Adult (18+) supervision while using both the Indoor and Outdoor Pools.
Please Note:
The Outdoor Pool is designated for Adult Swimmers (age 18+),

only Monday-Sunday 9:00am-12noon.
The 10:30am H2O Aerobics classes may be held in the Outdoor Pool.

Outdoor Pool Family Swim* (all ages)
*Children must be on your membership or will be subject to a guest fee.
Monday-Friday     12noon-9:30pm
Saturday      12noon-7:30pm
Sunday     12noon-5:30pm

Slide Hours (Weather Dependent — Memorial Day Weekend to the end of Oregon Trail Summer School Break)
Monday-Saturday 12:00pm-7:00pm
Sunday   12noon-5:00pm

Oregons State Law requires children 13 and under to have direct Adult (18+)Supervision. Children 14 and over may swim without adult supervision.

Yes! We have over 65 classes per week available to you. We also offer specialty, time limited classes we offer at a great price.
No, just show up at any of our regularly scheduled classes and join the fun! If you are wanting to join a specialty, time limited class, please do register/pay at the reception desk.

Yes, if you have our MHAC club mobile App, we put out notifications that will appear on your phone alerting you to class cancellations/changes. Please sure to adjuct your app to accept notifications.

Age 13, or age 10 (if accompanied by a personal trainer during a training appointment).



Thursdays & Fridays: 3:00pm - 9:45pm
Saturday 12noon - 7:45pm & Sundays 12noon - 5:45pm

 We need you to register each and every child you want to have access to the club with the membership department. Children age 0-6 are FREE with a full paying membership, children age 7-12 and 13/over are a charge- please contact membership department for these details. Children must be their parents membership to have access to the Tween Room, Kids Classes and any Family Time activites.

Kidz Klub: Yes. We pride ourselves on providing top notch, fun, safe and welcoming facilities and activities for your kids while you exercise at a great hourly rate. Please see the youth page for details.

Tween Room: Free to members children ages 7-12 as long as the children are on their parent's membership.

Children 12 and under are able to use the Gymnasium, Racquetball Courts and Pools (Outdoor is seasonal) during family times. See Family time schedule. They must have direct adult supervision (8+) during family time. They may aslo participate in our Kids Classes  (See Kids Class Schedule).

Outside of Family Times and Kids Classes, children ages 7-12 may use the Tween Room up to fours a day. 

For all the above ammenities, children must be on their parent's membership or they must pay a guest fee ($7 per day).