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  $49 (s), $69(cpl) or $89 (fam) Enrollment Fee. Offer ends 3/31/18. clickhere


Welcome to the Running Club! (Spring season begins on Saturday, April 7th)

Check our board for information   regarding formal running events (i.e.; Shamrock Run, Jingle Bell Run, etc.).


Group runs will take place on Saturday morning at 7:00 am sharp; arrive around 6:50, so the run can start on time. Meet at MHAC in the front lobby area, members and non-members are welcome, Non-members just need to sign in. 

To be added to the contact e-mail list, email us at one of the email addresses below.

Contact Information:

Tiffany Elmer, Club Director  or Alesia Soll,  MHAC Fitness Director /503.826.0565