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Mt Hood Athletic Club features Max Muscle and HPN Products!

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Stacks- Built for your health & fitness goals in mind.

General Health
  • ProteinMax Pro
    • 2lb Chocolate/Vanilla
    • HPN Prozero 2lb (plant protein) Chocolate
  •  HPN V1 (Multivitamin)
  • HPN N4 (Fish Oil)
Muscle Building Stack
  • Max Arm (post-workout)
    • Tangerine
  • Max FBX 2.0 (pre-workout)
    • Pink lemonade/ Power punch
  • HPN V1 (Multivitamin)
  • HPN C2 (Creatine)
Fat loss stack
  • HPN V1
  • Max L-Carnitine
  • Max Pro Elite 2lb
Senior Wellness Stack
  • HPN J8 (Joint wellness) H
  • PN V1
  • HPN N4
Ala Carte' Items
  • HPN N4
  • HPN S9 (Resveratrol - anti aging)
  • HPN M6 (fat burner)
  • Max Vitacell
    • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Max Pro Elite

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HPN Products



 Max Muscle Products

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